Born Ugly(2011 independent release)
-Born Ugly marks the 3rd full length release by the power trio from gritty Detroit,MI. USA
It serves as a reminder that rock n roll is not dead, nor was it ever, considering their first 2 releases!
Born Ugly, however, marks a sea change in the Muggs approach to songwriting and a change in their
drummer as well, adding pro veteran Todd Glass into the mix as Matt Rost amicably stepped down as
the Muggs drummer. Sure, Born Ugly has the same bombastic riff rock you've come to know and love
from these Detroit boys, which is illustrated in the first two fiery tracks "Born Ugly" & "Blood Meridian";
but there is a deeper layer that is exposed in some of these 13 new songs(their longest LP to
date!). "Sturm Und Drang" takes you on an sea adventure which is brooding and tiresome, the Muggs
then effortlessly weave "Sturm Und Drang" into "Hats Off To Mr. Beardsley". "Hats Off" could easily be
considered a progressive step forward in their songwriting as it frantically deals with the unknown. Who
is Mr. Beardsley? "World Around" & "Last Words" depart from the old Muggs in so far as they are more
tender and beautiful songs but the two songs never lose their urgency or potency. "Clean Break Blues"
into "Notes From Underground" into "Dear Theo" is a slide guitar players dream come true. "Home
Free" is a more melodic song, then hits you with a sweet, heavy guitar solo that brings to mind a feeling
of majesty & redemption. "Losing End Blues" is more like the classic Muggs sound but with more
musical richness as they have added harmonies in this song & more throughout this LP. "Kitchen Sink
Blues" cannot be ignored for its' brilliant multi tracked solo that smacks of Queen all the way. But....I've
saved the best song for last in "6 To Midnite"! Dannymuggs is perfect on this track vocally and
instrumentally. Glass & DeNardo lay down a deep pocket which is unpenetrable while Methric sings
about his curiosity with the Devil. The lyrical content is rife with sometimes esoteric analogies of world
views, and at times, vivid imagery that takes the listener for a ride in the carousel of Dannymuggs
mind. I guess the third time is indeed the charm you Muggs! Go out and get Born Ugly this instant!
On With The Show(2008 independent release)
-Plenty of young Midwestern bands like to name-check the big names of the glorious Detroit rock scene
of the late '60s and early '70s (in particular the MC5 & the Stooges) when they want their roster of
influences to sound cool. But the Muggs are one of the few Motor City bands of the new millennium
that sound like they wouldn't get booed off the stage at the Grande Ballroom, and their balls-out purebeef
bluesy hard rock struts loud, proud, and sweaty on their second album, On With The Show. The
Muggs make no apologies for their retro influences, and draw inspiration from a number of sources and
learn to fuse them into something that has a personality of its own, and they can also kick like a mule
when Dannymuggs guitar, Matt Rost's drums, and Tonymuggs bass lock into a heavy groove. Songs like
"Slow Curve", "Get It On", "Down Below", & "Never Know Why" are sure to be instant classics in 20
years. No wonder why Classic Rock Magazine gave the Muggs 8/10! No sophomore jinx here.....

World Wide Rock Magazine - The Muggs- 4-8-16
Q1: How long have the Muggs been a band? And introduce yourselves!
Answer: We've been a rock trio since February 2000. We did 2 full length albums(The Muggs & On With
The Show) with drummer Matt Rost and then our next 3(Born Ugly, Full Tilt: Live At Cadieux Cafe-a
double album & Straight Up Boogaloo) with drummer Todd Glass, who has been in the band since
October 2009. The Muggs are Dannymuggs on guitar and lead vocals, Tonymuggs on Fender Rhodes
bass and backing vocals and Todd Glass on drums.
Q2: 5 full length albums! How do the Muggs write? What's your process like?
Answer: Dannymuggs is our fearless leader when it comes to bringing the ideas to rehearsals. He kind of
brings the 'lump of clay' and Todd and myself(Tonymuggs) help shape the 'clay' until it looks like a piece
of art. In this case, it's a fully realized song. Afterwards, Dannymuggs writes the lyrics. Every band has
its' own process. That's ours but when you are creative, there is no wrong way to go about it.
Q3: I've read that Tonymuggs had a stroke back in September 2001. How did that affect the Muggs
moving forward?
Answer: Danny and I have been great friends since we were 13 years old. We attended the same high
school, Notre Dame on the east side. ND was in a suburb just northeast of Detroit located in Harper
Woods MI. We starting playing music together at 19. Danny went to Michigan State University and I
would often go visit him. He took up the acoustic guitar. He made it look so easy and like so much fun
that I had to try it too.We have always been a team. He actually talked me into playing the bass guitar.
When I suffered my stroke, the Muggs hadn't recorded one single album yet but we're gaining lots of
momentum in the Detroit music scene. Needless to say, we were all devastated by my stroke so Danny
put the Muggs on hold. "No Muggs without Tony." That was Danny's quote. I couldn't be more thankful
and that gesture gave me the drive to recover enough to play again. It took almost two years to the day.
This time around on, the Fender Rhodes Piano, like Ray Manzarek, actually. My right hand, to this day, is
still paralyzed, so bass guitar was not an option. Thankfully, the bass clef of the piano is on the left side
so I transposed my bass lines to the piano and dial it in to sound like a bass guitar! It's the best tone I
could have ever wanted! Thick, and heavy! It growls at the audience but can be very gentle. It just
depends on your attack, but it's perfect for a three piece!
Q4: So now, Tonymuggs is back in the band and where did the band go from there?
Answer: I had my stroke on September 4th 2001. The Muggs were a band again, playing our first show
again on September 2nd 2003 at a festival on the eastside of Detroit called the Mussel Beach Fest. The
venue, the Cadieux Cafe, is a Belgium bar/restaurant which has supported local music since the early
90's. That first show back was special. The news of my stroke resonated throughout the music
community in Detroit and the Muggs were a shining example of true Detroit grit. We were like the
comeback kids! It didn't take long before we were gigging allot again and in August 2004, we caught the
eye of a local music label, Times Beach Records, and were signed.
Q5: I read you were on national TV in 2007? Can you talk about that experience?
Answer: Yes. Let's start by filling in the blanks. So we get signed by Times Beach and release our first full
length album entitled, The Muggs. We released it in July of 2005. From then on, we toured the record
regionally in the Midwest USA. In January 2007, we then got invited to tour Spain with a popular band
from Detroit named, the Paybacks. You see, after my stroke, Dannymuggs waited 6 months for me to
recover but I was not able to play bass guitar and Danny was itching to play again so he joined a blues
rock band called, the Kingsnakes. That lasted about several months and then he got invited to play
with the Paybacks in the fall of 2002. So it made sense to bring the Muggs to Spain with the Paybacks
and dynamite lead singer/guitarist Wendy Case, being that Danny was in both bands. After a two week
tour in Spain, the Muggs came back to the States and played locally. It was around June of 2007 that a
fan of the Muggs mentioned a TV show was looking for rock bands to audition. It turned out to be an
American Idol spin off show called, The Next Great American Band. So, on a lark, we filled out the
forms(along with our first album) and sent it in. To our surprise, the show wanted us to audition in
Burbank, CA in mid August of that year! We then passed the first audition and were flown to Lake Las
Vegas in NV for another audition which was taped, by the way, and that days audition, turned out to be
the pilot for The Next Great American Band! It was us being selected to be one of 12 bands to make the
show. Pretty cool considering there were over 10,000 bands who applied. The show only lasted one
season however. We were told we'd get to play our own songs solely. But when the ratings came in
after the pilot episode, the executive producers panicked, and needing more viewership, decided to
have the bands cover established artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, and so forth. We got lucky in so far as
we did get to cover Bob Dylan's "Meet Me In The Morning" off his LP, Blood On The Tracks, but
otherwise, we just aren't a cover band. So, by the 4th week, we were voted off the show. Ultimately,
we knew we weren't going to win the show, but being watched by 3.5 million viewers a week isn't so
bad now, is it!?!
Q6: Earlier in the interview, you mention having recorded 5 full length albums. What came next?
Answer: We were voted off the TV show in early November 2007. It was so bizarre watching the show
which was still airing from home. I forgot to mention, our label, Times Beach Records, went bankrupt,
so we were on our own, as far as finding the funds to record our new batch of songs. We ended up
funding it ourselves by borrowing $1000 each, from close friends and family, until we had enough
money to properly fund a full length album. We had a friend come with us into the studio and he filmed
and documented the entire recording process. He has over 100 hours of footage! We recorded 11
songs and titled our 2nd full length album, On With The Show. We later released a DVD, Slow Curve,
which has the official Slow Curve music video, 2 live recorded tracks at a famous Detroit venue, St.
Andrews Hall & 16 minutes of footage with us in the studio tracking the song, Slow Curve. -1244
Q7: Is it true you were stuck in Spain for a week because of a volcanic eruption?
Answer: Yes, give the man a cigar! In April 2010, the Muggs did their 2nd tour of Spain. We played 12
cities this time around and by now, Matt Rost was out of the band, amicably and replaced by Detroit
drumming legend, Todd Glass. I remember being in Barcelona the night before we were to fly to the
Canary Islands for our last remaining show. We were in an apartment, watching the news, smoking
hash and our promoter, Edu, saying that he thought our flight might be canceled. The next morning, we
went to the airport and sure enough, ALL flights were grounded. I think most of Europe was grounded.
The scene at the airport was like something out of a Stephen King horror novel. People there just
walked around aimlessly, not fully grasping the situation. The Muggs sat down at an airport cafe and
came up with a plan. We'd go back to the hotel in which we had stayed the night before and try to get
our room back until we could fly home. It was day to day for sure. Our promoter stepped up too. He
got us a few shows in Barcelona to keep us busy. One of which, he took us to a blues jam at the venue,
Rocksound, where Dannymuggs and Todd got to jam with Muddy Waters' legendary guitarist, Bob
Margolin! It seems that Mr. Margolin's flight was delayed as well, and he happened to be in Barcelona!
The Muggs always seem to land on their feet, you know? And by Thursday of that following week, we
did get to play our last official show in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands(owned by Spain). Flights were
being cleared to the south of Europe so we played at the Honky Tonk, to a capacity crowd. By that
Sunday, we were cleared to fly and came home. All in all, we were stuck for an extra week. But I
suppose if you had to be stuck in one city, Barcelona was one city that we'll never regret being stuck in!-
Q8: In 2011, you released Born Ugly, your 3rd full length studio album. The album artwork and the themes
seemed a bit darker than your sophomore album, On With The Show. Do you agree and can you elaborate?
Answer: Yes, that was a darker album for us and we wanted the artwork to reflect the overall tone. That very
well may have been our last album in retrospect. So many signs indicating that. 13 songs on the album. That
ominous number right? We even ended the album with the song, Last Words. I think we were under allot of
pressure to release Born Ugly in a timely fashion. Pressure to appease our fan base, but also to "out do"
ourselves, songwriting wise, that is. We recorded with famed producer, Jim Diamond, in Detroit, MI. We were
under a time constraint of having to record, mix and master all 13 songs within 2 weeks, and recording in the
dead of winter to boot. Never again will we record that way. The recordings turned out great but that's not the
way we do things today. We are getting better at managing our recording time and spreading it out over time
these days. Born Ugly, the LP, seemed to capture where we were in 2011. And that was, somewhat pissed off
about not having broke through that seemingly impossible glass ceiling in the music industry, and allot of self
examination of the band too. Questions like: is it worth continuing as a band although no one really
approached anyone else in the band and said as much, but you could tell we were not content with our lack of
acknowledgement in the States. -1886
Q9: The Muggs have toured quite a bit in Europe. 5 times overall. How do European crowds accept the
Answer: We have toured Europe 5 times since 2007 actually. Our first time over there was in January 2007. A
10 day tour of Spain with the Detroit band, The Paybacks. Spain was so accepting of the Muggs that we made
it our business to get back there as soon as possible, which in this case, was in April 2010. We worked with
another promotion company in 2010 whom were good but not great. However, they stepped up when the
Icelandic volcano erupted, and subsequently trapped us in Barcelona for an extra week. It said allot about their
character as human beings in so far as the way they worked with us after the tour was 'officially' over and not
abandoning us to fend for ourselves in a foreign city. In May/June of 2012, we returned to Spain with a new
promotion team, Deja Me Decir Te. Natalia Talayero runs the company and Juan Pablo, who tour manages
with his company, Veovoces. It was our first month long tour! And our first tour traveling outside of Spain. The
tour went better than expected and so we worked hard to return as fast as we could. We were gaining
momentum in Spain and Germany and didn't want to wait two years or longer to get back. So when we did
return to the States in June of 2012, we had the idea of a live album. First of all, our fans had been asking us
for a live album for quite some time and secondly, as a business decision, it made sense because we would
not have to write another album. So we came out with our 4th full length release, Full Tilt: Live At Cadieux
Cafe, in 2013. We recorded Full Tilt in October of 2012, having come back from Europe in June and being red
hot and as tight as hell! We recorded the entire album in only one night and because we couldn't decide on
which songs to 86, we made Full Tilt a double album. Add the amazing 'Muggs pinball machine themed'
artwork by Jason Seaman,, and we were poised to return to Europe again in
May/June of 2013 again with the excellent promotion of Veovoces/Deja Me Decir Te. -2282
Q10: So what's the latest news for the Muggs?
Answer: Well, we released our 5th full length, 4th studio album in March of 2015 and we called it, Straight Up
Boogaloo. We took our time with this record and we think it really shows. It's arguably our best produced
album ever. The songs are exciting, raw and imaginative. We've been getting rave reviews, mostly from
Europe, on the quality of the songs and their depth. We decided to add 3 covers to this album that we've been
performing for years. Yer Blues by the Beatles, Rattlesnake Shake by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and
Tomorrows' Dream by Black Sabbath. The Muggs have a side project/tribute band to Peter Green's Fleetwood
Mac that we've been performing live in metro Detroit since 1999 as a four piece with guitar phenom, Brett
Lucas. When we went to Europe in May/June 2013, we started performing Rattlesnake Shake as a three piece
live and it stuck! It should be noted too that the entire album is written in D guitar tuning instead of standard E.
The story goes that Dannymuggs was invited to play some Black Sabbath tunes for a Halloween party at a
local Detroit venue and he really took a liking to the lower pitched tuning that Sabbath does. In May/June 2015,
we went back to Europe with our current promoters and toured Straight Up Boogaloo for one month. After
returning, we played the local festival circuit and now are enjoying a much needed break. Although we have
just recently released a brand new music video for an older song. The 2011 release of Born Ugly,
Dannymuggs couldn't get this music video off his mind, being the horror fanatic he is, and came out with a
horror themed '6 To Midnite' music video! He shot it in November of 2015 with the help of Will Hynde, Fat
Robin Photography, and we have just released the 6 To Midnite music video to all of our fans in March 2016!
Q11: Any 'Last Words' to our readers and your fans?
Answer: Yes, links!!!!!! Here they are. Please share them with your rock n roll friends! listen to our new LP here/entire catalog news/shows/music/video/merch
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The Muggs are also on Pandora, Spotify and all AMI internet jukeboxes across America! Play us! -2691

The Muggs are a three piece blues rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. The Muggs
formed in 2000 with all three members: Danny Methric on guitar & lead vox, Tony DeNardo on
bass guitar & backing vox and Matt Rost on drums.
From February 2000 through September 2001, the Muggs enjoyed playing many shows
and gaining the hearts of fans throughout metro Detroit. However, this was short lived after
DeNardo suffered a stroke at 28 years old which nearly ended his young life. As fairy tales go,
DeNardo was able to rejoin the band almost exactly two years from that fateful day in September
2003. This time, he was playing his bass lines on a Fender Rhodes piano through a bass
amplifier. The result........the Muggs are back in business!
In August 2004, the Muggs were signed to indie label Times Beach Records and in July
2005, the Muggs released their self titled LP, "The Muggs". The Muggs worked with Dodge in
2005 and 2006 sponsoring their Charger on line with three songs, "Need Ya Baby", "Gonna
Need My Help" and "Rollin' B-Side Blues". In January 2007, the Muggs were on PBS(aired in
the entire nation of Canada & all of Michigan) for a one hour live concert and documentary as
part of a rock and roll series, "Rock n' Roll Safari". Also, in January 2007, the Muggs toured in
Spain for two weeks. The Muggs were part of a documentary celebrating 30 years of Star Wars
fandom entitled, The Force Among Us (2007). The Muggs licensed "Need Ya Baby" off their 1st
LP, "The Muggs". This limited edition documentary sold 1,977 copies across the world!
Later that year in August 2007, the Muggs were selected to audition for the Fox T.V.
show, "The Next Great American Band" and were selected to the Top 12 out of 10,000+
applicants. The Muggs were on "The Next Great American Band" for four episodes and got to
play two originals for the entire nation to see. "Should've Learned My Lesson" off the Muggs
first LP, and "Slow Curve" off their "yet to be released" 2nd LP.
The Muggs won Riff 2's(local WRIF on line radio) "Best Rock Band of the Year 2007"
award in February 2008 and will release their 2nd LP, entitled "On With The Show" on May 9th
2008. The Muggs have teamed up with Dodge in 2008 yet again for a promotional comp cd
entitled, "Out of Detroit & into Dodge". "Need Ya Baby" off the Muggs 1st LP, is the song
Dodge selected to be on the compilation. Dodge is pressing 100,000 cd's to go over to Europe
and into Dodge Dealerships. Lucky, new EU buyers of Dodge automobiles get the comp cd!
At the 2008 Detroit Music Awards, the Muggs won "Outstanding Rock Artist/Group"
and Danny Methric, guitarist/lead singer of the Muggs won "Outstanding Rock/Pop
Instrumentalist" for his electric guitar playing!
On May 9th, 2008 the Muggs released their 2nd LP entitled, "On With The Show"! The Muggs
currently have 83,000+ fans on In the August 2008 issue of Classic Rock
Magazine, the Muggs review of "On With The Show" received an 8/10! The Muggs have opened for
countless classic rock and various national acts including Jack Bruce of Cream, Mountain, Robin
Trower, Cactus, Savoy Brown,Ten Years After, Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple/Black Sabbath, Johnny
Lang, Candlebox, Ian McLagan of Small Faces & Faces, North Mississippi Allstars, Warrant, the Verve
Pipe, Electric Six, & the Detroit Cobras.
In October 2008, the Muggs released a single entitled, “Bite Of The Weredog”, a Halloween single
with a b side from the “On With The Show” sessions. In December 2008, the Muggs were listed as 'the
100 HOT Unsigned Bands' in Music Connection.
January 2009, USA Today selected the Muggs sophomore LP, "On With The Show" as #5 record of
the year for 2008 via the Nightwatchers House Of Rock blog site. In April 2009, during the NCAA
Final Four Men's Basketball Tournament, Fox Sports Radio played the Muggs on national radio. On
Friday, April 17th the Muggs were nominated and won Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording 2009 for the
album “On With The Show” at the 2009 Detroit Music Awards . In May 2009, the Muggs won Best
Indie Rock Band in the ever popular metro Detroit publication, Real Detroit Weekly.
In October 2009, the Muggs had two songs, “Should’ve Learned My Lesson” and “If You Please” in
the indie film entitled, “Stick It In Detroit” off their first LP “The Muggs”. Later that same month, they
were invited to provide “Slow Curve” to the indie film “Annabelle & Bear” off their second LP “On
With The Show”.
In April 2010, the Muggs did their 2nd tour of Spain covering 12 cities in 12 days! On July 20, 2010
on A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", the Muggs song "All Around You" from their 2nd LP "On
With The Show" is a featured clip.
On August 27th, 2010 the Muggs released their first music video, Slow Curve, with an internationally
award winning filmmaker, Jeff Schultz( who filmed and directed this video.
On August 31st, the Muggs were invited to perform on the city of Warren, Michigan's public access
program, The Spotlight. The Muggs recorded 3 songs(Slow Curve, Rollin' B-Side Blues & Down
Below) live and in studio for airing on September 10th, 2010 for an entire month with Facebook and
Youtube viewings as well.
The Muggs can be reached by contacting Tony DeNardo at: (search "the muggs") for performances